SBA loan – disclose OLD felony conviction?
My partner and I are applying for an SBA loan ($ 425K) to purchase an existing business. My partner had a felony conviction surrounded by the state of Washington, where we’re applying for the loan, nearly 18 years ago. Does the SBA routinely run…

SBA Loans (how much can I borrow)?
I am pretty familiar beside residential mortgages and loans but I am looking to start up a restaurant through SBA and I’m wondering how much they would let me borrow? I’m not sure if it is a moment ago based on credit or…

Thinking of starting business for yrs immediately. Worth the risk? Only respond if a business owner, pls. See details.
The business is making neon signs. With what I have save and a SBA loan, I have $ 35-$ 55k to work next to. I have training furrowed up to learn the…

We own 2 successful businesses (two don supply stores) and want to apply for a SBA guarantee loan?
My personal credit is not so good but our business credit is excellent. We incorporated this year and our business is thriving. We enjoy been contained by business for over 2…

What type of business can be started next to little or no start-up money?
I consider “low” start-up cost to be under $ 5000.00. Also, if nearby are any businesses that could probably get a forfeit to get started. I contacted the SBA (Small Business Admin.) and be told that the government…

What would I call for to do an know surrounded by command to start a small business?
The best routes to take are to research the process of starting a business as economically as the industry you’re interested in. I recommend checking out the SBA, Entrepreneur, The Start Up…

Where do you capture start up business funding for 30,000?
How to find funding for small business How to find private lending institutes SBA can back with funding.

Where do you receive lend a hand to come by grant not loans to start a business?
Starting a business costs money. I need several grant to start a metal detecting business and I don’t want to get a loan from the SBA because I am 58 and do not call…

Own business contained by spa/salon?
Im interested in buying my own business surrounded by spa/salon? I would like to know how to bring started if you have low income and how do you acquire SBA loans for 45-60k spa. Is a honest idea to buy an established salon?

Question in the order of a small business lender…?
I went to the dune on Monday to propose my video gaming retail business. I’m asking for $ 120,000 and my credit is 480 something, but here’s the deal..The SBA is approval my loan 85% and I have $ 5,000 up for collateral…

Which business plan is the best?
I am purchasing a convenience store/bar for $ 375,000, and I need an additionial 75,000 for inventory/licences/insurance and working captial. Should I turn with a SBA loan for the entire amount, or take a mortagage loan on the buliding and use the SBA loan for…

Who should hold final rights over assets inwardly a business if their is a defaulting of some type on part of the pack of owner
property manager or SBA (hate when these loans are involved). Currently a closing on our business is self held up with this smooth talk!

Why is my SBA loan taking so long to be approved?
I submitted my loan application to the Small Business Administration one month ago and I still have to answer on approval. Apparently the application is still surrounded by underwriting. How long does this process lug!?

Are SBA small business loans easier to return with consequently other loans?
-What can I do to increase my chances of getting approved?- My business plan is looking fitting so far!

Average size of a business loan a first time borrower next to so-so credit could expect to be capable of get hold of?
also would the current mortgage crunch make it across the world easier or harder to get a SBA type guard loan?

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