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The establishment of a new company involves heavy expenses on office equipment. At the first stage, a startup will be based within the framework of an accelerator or one of the shared workplaces. However, with the growth in the number of employees and the need to be more independent or when staying in the shared office becomes not economical, the company has to find its own office.

New office equipment is expensive, mainly when you have to purchase new IT equipment, including personal computers and screens for the new staff, one or two servers, a communication network, a printer, a scanner, a switchboard, information security, backups etc. It is undoubtedly a major expense for any organization, especially for a startup company.

Currently, cloud services can be the solution for the majority of the IT needs. However, these services have several disadvantages that deserve more attention, including an intolerable dependence on the service supplier, outsourcing the control over the organization’s infrastructure to an unknown external company, low -level RPR and RTO recovery targets, etc. This is the reason why many startup companies prefer to purchase their IT equipment in cash.

However, as startups need cash for their actual survival, a different method is offered for purchasing IT equipment without influencing the organization’s cash flow and still be able to get cutting edge technology – IT equipment leasing.

TechLease Leasing Solutions for IT Equipment offers companies and organizations leasing solutions for technological equipment and a variety of financing services.

The use of IT equipment leasing has become more and more popular, primarily in established organizations, but also in startup companies that have understood the need to bridge the cash flow gap. The IT equipment leasing enables the startups to acquire cutting-edge ID technology with convenient payment terms, when in the end of the process the equipment can either remain in their ownership or can be upgraded to the latest version, and this way have the most suitable quality infrastructure in order to support the organization’s growth and expansion. It is during these stages that the cash consumption rate increases dramatically while the income rate is slower.

The company offers leasing solutions mainly regarding Cisco and EMC equipment, and computers. Its services are custom-made according to the company’s needs, size, and stage.

Startup companies and professionals that constantly need update technology, as engineers, system developers, R&D teams and more, require powerful and advanced computer systems. The ability to lease the equipment through TechLease enables them to update the equipment every two years and less, while cutting costs on computer equipment.

Medium and large organizations, that use standard computer systems such as desktop and laptop versions, have to replace the equipment at least every two and a half years, otherwise, they would face heavy maintenance costs. The operational leasing service offers new computer equipment every two to two and a half years for a low, constant monthly cost.

TechLease takes part in the Startup Festival and Startup Live Competition organized by iHLS.

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