The Affordable Care Act. The first lie was in the name! Affordable care must have a different definition in Washington because this law has been anything but affordable for those that actually have to pay for it. The constitutionality of the law is dubious at best, nowhere in the Constitution does it give the federal government authority to manage health care and since it is not enumerated in the Constitution, it should be rightfully left for the states to regulate as they see fit.

If you’re like me, you probably wish the government would have stayed out of health care, and you have the empty wallet to remind you of its massive expense. We were promised $ 2,500 in savings and instead the average family is spending $ 5,000 a year more for insurance. It went from expensive to ridiculous in just a few years and insurers are running from it like the black plague.

It’s not only expensive for individuals, but businesses are facing the same high prices and must pass the costs on. One dentist told me he had a business equipment loan that was $ 25,000 a year. He was so excited when he paid off the loan, but within six months, the extra cost to his business in ACA taxes, insurance premiums, and spiraling supply costs destroyed his windfall and left him questioning whether to raise his fees or try and absorb the increases. This is the commonplace story under the ACA.

Another doctor said this, “We have the world’s greatest medical services because of the free market and capitalism. I have watched care and access turn to pot with the ACA. It is now about shoving as many people through the door to generate as much money as can be captured since revenue is down.”

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The ACA works well for those that are subsidized, but those that pay for their own insurance have been left to live with a very expensive catastrophic plan that will only pay out if you have a major illness. My family according to E-Health numbers would pay $ 17,196 yearly with an $ 8,000 deductible. So our family would pay $ 25,196 per year before we saw one dollar returned from the insurance company. I could buy a nice car every year in lieu of health insurance, or if you think about that over 20 years you could buy a $ 500,000 home. This is a huge amount of money being sucked out of the economy and it is not sustainable. We can’t siphon this much disposable income from families without serious consequences throughout the entire economy. I believe this is probably the largest transfer of wealth in human history. With $ 3.2 trillion trading hands in the health industry every year, it is no wonder that the federal government couldn’t restrain itself from becoming involved.

If elected, I will rollback the ACA while protecting Medicare and Medicaid until a long-term solution is found.

Mark Wicks is the Libertarian Party nominee for Montana’s U.S. House seat.

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