The Enfield town manager proposed a $ 133.4 million budget for the coming fiscal year, a 3.4 percent increase over the current year’s spending.

Town Manager Bryan Chodkowski, in a brief presentation to the town council, said under this budget the tax rate would increase a mill to 31.86 mills. If passed as is residents would pay $ 31.68 dollars for every $ 1,000 in assessed property value.

The increased tax rate would generate roughly $ 2.57 million in additional revenue for the town, Chodkowski said.

The budget includes the roughly $ 69.6 million board of education budget as well as the $ 63.8 million town budget, according to the town manager’s presentation.

Chodkowski, who came to the town last spring from Ohio, said the initial goal was to keep the budget increase at 2.5 percent, but other factors came into play.

“We tried our best to control costs, but unfortunately there are just some things we don’t have any control over,” Chodkowski told the council.

Some of the cost drivers in the budget include equipment leasing, an increase in solid waste disposal services, insurance increases and debt services, Chodkowski told the council.

He acknowledged the insurance increase comes from the new high school.

Two members of the council questioned whether the budget included some of the uncertainty that stems from the governor’s proposed budget.

Chodkowski told council members that the budget included the latest numbers given potential shifts in aid from the state.

“[The budget] was based on the information we had at the time we assembled,” Chodkowski said.

The budget process continues with workshops and deliberations before a public hearing is held at the town’s high school on April 26.

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