June 12 (Reuters) – Goldfield Corp:

* On June 9, co, co’s unit, debtors, BB&T entered into a master loan agreement – SEC filing

* Goldfield Corp – borrowings of $ 15.6 million from $ 22.6 million equipment loan were used to pay in full all of outstanding BB&T loans

* Goldfield Corp – $ 22.6 million equipment loan will mature and will be due and payable in full on March 9, 2021

* Goldfield Corp – remaining portion of $ 22.6 million equipment loan balance will be drawn by co for equipment purchases that occurred by March 31, 2017

* Goldfield Corp – on June 9, 2017, debtors and BB&T entered into master loan agreement and terminated previous master loan agreement

* Master loan agreement restates same terms, conditions as those set forth previously, except for addition of a $ 22.6 million loan Source text: (http://bit.ly/2rmAJSa) Further company coverage:

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