Kick off the fall season with a Rochester-Famous Homemade OPC Apple Pie and help support Meals on Wheels, Sept. 6-9. This year, 1400 pies will be available for curbside purchase at the OPC on Wednesday, Sept. 6 through Saturday, Sept. 8 from 9am-7pm. The curbside pie sales make it easy to purchase a pie without leaving the car.

Headed out to the Art & Apples Festival and want to support Meals on Wheels? Pies will also be available from 9am-7:30pm at the Art & Apples Festival in Rochester Municipal Park. OPC Homemade Apple Pies are $ 15 or two for $ 25. Pre-order pies today by calling the cashiers at 248-659-1029.

Selling an amazing 65,000 pies since 1975, the OPC Apple Pie fundraiser benefits the Meals on Wheels program at OPC. Meals on Wheels is designed for senior citizens (60 years of age or older) unable to prepare meals for themselves due to physical or mental impairments related to age or a medical condition.

Through OPC’s Meals on Wheels program, an OPC volunteer delivers a meal directly to a senior citizens door seven days a week to residents living in NE Oakland County. Hot nutritional meals are provided in the dining room at OPC Monday through Friday. Last year OPC delivered 117989 meals to area seniors.

OPC provides something for everyone 50+ at the sprawling 90,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art-facility with a wide array of personal enrichment, fitness, aquatic, social and travel offerings. They also offer support services to seniors and their families such as Adult Day Service, Transportation, a Medical Equipment Loan Program, Support Groups, and much more. The OPC is located at 650 Letica Drive. Come see why OPC is a great place to be 50+! Call (248) 656-1403for more information on any of OPC’s programs, services, or activities, or visit www.

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