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There are huge dramas ahead in soapland and Coronation Street in particular is really set to explode as a week of shocks sees Ken Barlow’s attacker exposed and arrested, Shona Ramsey violently attacked, Bethany Platt face new horror and the exit of Nick Tilsley.

Elsewhere, there are sizzling plots brewing as Jack Branning takes shocking action in EastEnders, Holly Cunningham faces trauma in Hollyoaks, Ethan Hardy faces up to Scott Ellisson in Casualty and Rebecca White faces baby tragedy in Emmerdale.

Add in a brand new romance, a return, a revenge plot, a strained couple, an emotional decision and a couple on the brink of splitting and there is a lot to fit in. But let’s try anyway.

Coronation Street

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1. Ken Barlow is in for the shock of his life as the truth about who attacked him that night finally dawns – and he is crestfallen to realise that it is indeed a member of his own family. But as he confronts the culprit, is he in danger? And will the attacker face years inside as they’re arrested?

2. Shona is horrified as she realises who Nathan is and she races to confront him, warning him to stay away from Bethany. Outside, she makes to call the police but she is set upon by thugs and subjected to a violent beating that leaves her out cold.

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3. After being found by Craig, a bloodied Shona rushes to warn David and they rush to Nathan’s flat with Sarah and Gary as a drugged Bethany is being prepared to be abused by multiple men. As they burst in, have they reached her in time?

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4. A day at the beach takes a sour turn when Leanne finishes with a bitter Nick after realising that he could have saved Peter from being under suspicion. As Nick is left alone, things get more disastrous when he becomes trapped in quicksand as the tide comes in. Is this the end for him?

5. As Cathy and Brian continue to dance around their feelings, worried over how Roy might react to their attraction, Cathy takes the bull by the horns and confronts Brian’s superstitions by dragging him under a ladder and snogging him.

6. Kevin is eager to make Anna’s birthday a one to remember and enlists Erica’s help to surprise her with a party – but will it all go to plan?


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7. As Charlie makes it clear that he is pushing for residency, Jack is running out of options and hits upon a drastic plan that leaves Max shocked – can Jack be talked out of it? And who is the mysterious visitor who takes him by surprise and what do they want?

8. Whitney continues to hit self destruct as recent events weigh on top of her and Johnny and Kathy’s concerns for her grow. Can anyone reach out to Whitney or will she continue to spiral out of control?

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9. Patrick arrives back and Denise is relieved to see him and soon bursts into tears, pouring out everything that has happened in his absence. Patrick soon has some strong words for Kim over not being there for Denise but Kim has an idea that could help her sister.

10. Fi is heading for a meeting at the Vic and the Carters are anxious for her to be impressed by their plans for the pub. With Johnny having worked on a detailed business plan, will Mick be able to sell it to her or will she have some big changes to make?

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11. Steven continues to suspect that Lauren is cheating and starts to track her using an app on her phone. Later, when Josh brings her home when she is unwell, Steven invites him to stick around for dinner and wastes no time in creating an awkward atmosphere.

12. Bex and Louise start to bond again as Louise prepares for a date with Travis, helped by her mate. But will it all go well?


13. After trying to get his head around the shocks of the past few days, Aaron tells Robert that he will support him as a father, no matter what he chooses to do. Will Robert want to play a part in his baby’s life?

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14. Rebecca is losing allies and, after a showdown with Lawrence, she is more upset than ever. Stomach pains soon hit and she is rushed to hospital by Chrissie – as Rebecca fears she will lose her baby, will the news be good or bad?

15. Jai is delighted that Nell is continuing to make progress in getting her life together as she contacts social services about finding her daughter Rosie. But when Nell misunderstands a conversation between Jai and Moira, she packs her bags. Can Jai stop her with a declaration of love?

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16. After Marlon realises that Carly has lied about spending time with Matt, he is upset and later tries to kiss Laurel. Meanwhile, Matt declares his feelings for Carly and tries to kiss her but how will Carly respond?

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17. Chrissie encourages Lachlan to try and make Belle jealous and, after introducing him to a new intern from an agency they are working with called Sookie, she takes a photograph of them together while Belle watches on. Will her plan work?

18. With the money problems for the Bartons growing, Finn is disheartened when he is rejected for a personal loan.


19. Nick and Holly’s row over her kiss with Zack and his affair with Tegan is set to have devastating consequences when Nick later doesn’t take no for an answer and Holly discovers his true colours in the worst possible way. But will Nick accept responsibility for his shocking actions?

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20. Sienna is desperate to win Warren back after discovering his secret plan but when she ends up in a tussle with Cindy, she falls and fears that she will lose the twins. The news that the twins are okay brings her relief but she soon plots her revenge against Warren…

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21. Goldie is determined to get Shane out of her hair and Ellie helps her out with some cash after witnessing his behaviour. Goldie bribes Shane but he secretly plots to take Prince away with him. Is there heartbreak in store for Goldie?

22. A jealous Darcy picks up on a spark between Jesse and Goldie so determines to move in for the kill – will Jesse be snared in her web?


23. A grieving Ethan is stunned to come face to face with Cal’s killer Scott Ellisson. As tensions rise, Ethan implores him to confess to what he did and things soon get out of hand as they come to blows in the hospital.

24. When Connie phones in sick, Charlie takes charge and he is determined to lift the spirits of the ED as they continue to struggle over Cal’s death – but will he be successful?

25. Lily gets stressed as she prepares for her exams and Iain continues to wonder if she needs to take it easier following her recent injuries. But as she makes it clear what she thinks of this suggestion will there be tension forming between the pair?

What’s next?

  • Who decides to become an escort in order to raise some cash – and will their plan end in disaster?
  • Who is faced with a big decision after someone they’re close to dies?
  • Who launches an angry attack against someone she discovers has cheated?
  • Who is the victim of a violent attack when their well meaning partner makes a mistake?
  • Who tells a huge lie to the police in order to protect someone that the love?

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