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Financial & Business Services

  • Unsecured Loans up to $40,000 (Personal)
  • Business & Project Funding $1.5M – $50M (3% – 10% Down)
  • Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Consulting, Crypto Trading, Cloud Mining & Mining Rig Manufacturing
  • In-House Consumer Financing for Business Owners
  • Merchant Processing Services ($500 Guaranteed Lowest Rates)
  • Commercial Loans (3% – 10% Down Domestic & International)
  • Hard Money, Bridge Loans, & Asset Based Loans
  • SBA Loans & SBA Express Loans
  • Cannabis Business Loans (No Start Ups up to $250K & $4M)
  • Cannabis Banking & Merchant Processing Services
  • Private Family Banking (Guaranteed 4% Annual Growth)
  • Complex Trust & Private Family Foundation (Income & Asset Protection)
  • Investment Opportunities (Cannabis, Cryptocurrency & Real Estate)
  • Career Opportunities

Unsecured Loans

Whatever the reason, GFT, LLC works closely with our clients to ensure that they are funded with the appropriate amount to satisfy their financial obligations or needs. Our loans are unsecured and our quick and easy application process will have you with the funds you need within 7 days!

-Multi-lender Platform
-Credit Scores as low as 550 – High Approval Rates
-Financing from a few hundred dollars up to $40,000
-Pre-approvals are subject to verification of certain information
-Final approval/funding can take 1 to 7 days
-Single Application

-Multi-lender Platform
-Credit Scores min of 695
-Financing from $10,000 – $200,000
-Pre-approvals are subject to verification of certain information
-Final approval/funding can take 2 to 5 days
-Single Application


Bticoin & Cryptocurrency Sales, Trading, Consulting & Mining Equipment 

What is Cryptocurrency?
Is a type of exchange that uses encryption to secure transactions and control the creation of new currency units. Cryptocoins are a subset of digital coins. Bitcoin was created in 2008, open source 2009 and became the first decentralized Cryptocoin.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is different than any currency you’ve used before, so it’s very important to understand some key points. You can use them to send or receive any amount of money, with anyone, anywhere in the world, at very low cost. Bitcoin payments are impossible to block, and bitcoin wallets can’t be frozen. Short of turning off the entire world’s internet, and keeping it turned off, the Bitcoin network is unstoppable and uncensorable.

Companies from different Industries, Political campaigns, and many more Services are accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate source of payment moreover, people around the world have also begun accepting Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, since there are many implications to Blockchain Technology.

*Fact: Do you really think these companies would be involved with Bitcoin if it was a scam? Visa, Dell,, Microsoft, Virgin, Save The Children, Wikipedia, Tesla, Square & Home Depot to name a few.

$10 Free Bitcoin when you Open & Fund New Acct with min of $100

Our Cryptocurrency consultants, traders & mining equipment.experts are excellent in selecting specific Cryptocurrencies that will have positive long term ROI’s.

Free Bitcoin & Crypto Consultation:

Revelation: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency is the promised wealth transfer. It’s taking money out of Babylon into the Kingdom. Do you want Big Banks to continue to control the market and make more money on your money than you do?

GFT LLC has joined forces with an expert Forex & Cryptocurrency trading software company that develops automatic trading systems on the crypto-currency exchange .

We both pride ourselves in delivering a technology that you won’t find anywhere else. We’re enabling all investors “small & large” to get involved in the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency markets and have real success.

Through the development of the fully automated trading software, they’ve consistently delivered out-standing results and committed to continuing to do so far into the future. It is finally possible to get involved in these highly complex and highly profitable markets, without any expertise of your own.

A Better way to BITCOIN

• .75-1.25% ROI Payed Out Daily In Bitcoin
• Compound Interest Working FOR You
• Hands Free Automated Platform
• No Signup Fees
• No Monthly Fee
• No Experience Needed
• No Recruiting Required
• Paid 10% on Direct Signup Volume
• Paid 35% on 12 Levels for Builders
• No Losses Thus Far
• Results Documented Daily
• Join our Private Team & Receive $25 Free Bitcoin

Retire Early & Earn Bitcoin Daily at

Business Cash Advance (Easy)- for businesses that are seeking quick and affordable funds without the hassle sometimes involved in securing a traditional bank loan. If you’ve been in business at least 6 months and your business generates at least $10,000 per month in revenue, there’s an excellent chance we can help. We can provide funding up to $350,000 with terms up to 18 months. We’ll start getting responses in 24 hours or less and get your business funded in a matter of days.

Non-Bank Business Loan (Moderate)- for businesses that are looking for affordable funds and willing to supply a bit more information than that required for a Business Cash Advance. If your business is profitable and in existence for at least two years , generates at least $150,000 on its most recent tax return, and the owner(s) have a credit score about 620, there is a very good chance that we can help provide affordable financing up to $500,000 with terms as long as 5 years. We’ll get you a decision in 5 to 10 business days.

Bank Business Loan (Extensive)- for business that are seeking affordable, long term financing for a specific project or working capital. If traditional money is what your business is looking for, we can tap into our extensive network of banks and SBA & SBA Express lenders to make the process as streamlined as possible. If your business is profitable and has submitted at least two years of tax returns and your personal credit score is above 600. Interest rates for these loans are in the single digits and terms are typically as long as 10 years.

Hard Money Loans #1
*Purchase Refinance Loan Up to $2,000,000
*Purchase LTV Up to 75%
*Purchase/Rehab LTV Up to 90% on Purchase/100% on Rehab
*Rehab/Bridge Loan $150,000 to $1,000,000
*Credit Score Minimum 500
*Non-Owner Occupied Residents Only
*For Real Estate Investors, a Tri Merge Credit Report is required
*Loan may be put inside legal entity (Corp., LLC., or Trust)

NOTE: If needed, client will be offered a secured SBA loan for up to $5,000,000 after the first round of funding.
These loans will be explained and discussed further on a case by case scenario.

Bridge and Hard Money Loans #2
$1,000,000 to $100,000,000
There are many options for companies that are in need of commercial financing. At Global Financial Tree, LLC., we understand that there are roadblocks associated with pursuing a loan through traditional channels. In addition to waiting for weeks or longer for the money, the approval process can be cumbersome. Our team offers clients an alternative through hard money and bridge loans.

The Qualifying Process
We are able to provide our clients with options that range from $1 million to upward of $100 million. Our large funding capacity means we can also get you that money quickly. In fact, we can close in as few as 5 days.

Hard money loans are based on your assets, and we do require collateral for them. Typically, our clients are commercial real estate companies that are endeavoring into development and raw land projects. If you are interested in pursuing this route, it is important to note that:

*Loan Size: $1,000,000 to $100,000,000
*Lending Area: National and International
*Collateral: We lend mainly to commercial real-estate, including raw land and development projects
*Interest Rate: Variable from 9% to 14% depending on collateral
*Amortization: Interest Only
*LTV: Up to 80%
*Origination Fee: 1 to 4%
*Closing time: 5 Days to 1 Month

Revenue Based Loans are given to existing businesses, primarily based on the cash flow of the business. Clients typically obtain a loan equivalent to approximately 1 month’s income.

  • True business loans – not merchant cash advances
  • Loans ranging from $10,000 – $2,000,000
  • 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 month terms
  • Fixed interest and fixed payments
  • Approvals in 2 business days
  • Funding as fast as 7 business days
  • Direct debit payments mean no worries about a large end of the month payment

Stated Commercial Loan (Non-Conforming)
*Preferred Credit Score of 650 – minimum 580
*Rates as low as 8.49%
*1-10 year terms
*65-70% LTV
*25yr fixed annuity
*No Tax Returns Required for Application
*No Upfront Fees
*Appraisal & Bank Doc Fees Due at Closing (<$1,200)
*Most Industries Accepted (funeral homes, hotels, restaurants, day cares, and other commercial borrowers)
*2 – 4 Week Closing Time (depending on return turn-around of all requested documents)


*Fact: Offering More Payment Options To Consumers Lead To More Sales And Higher Average Sales Amounts!

In-House Consumer Financing
How would you like to offer in-house payment plan/financing options to your customers regardless of credit score?

With our in-house consumer financing product, you get paid within 3 to 5 days of the sale with ABSOLUTELY No Risk, No Reserve, and No Financial Recourse to you!

*Discover the power of SELLING PAYMENTS OVER PRICE
*Multi-lender platforms designed specifically for your business
*Promote that you have financing for All Credit Situations
*Give your customers What They Want Today- no lay away program
*Easy on-line applications with instant decisions
*Approve customers you would Otherwise Turn Away because of payment and credit issues
*Financing from a few hundred dollars up to $30,000 (or higher)
*Get a leg up on the competition
*No long term contracts or cancellation fee. Cancel at any time

-Automotive Repair Financing
-Funeral Financing
-Dental Financing
-Veterinary Financing
-Health Care Financing
-Home Furnishings
-Legal Help
-Consumer Electronics & Computers
-Appliance Purchase & Repair
-Home Improvement
-Musical Instruments
-Office Equipment
-Education and Training
-Sporting Goods & Equipment
-Travel Recreation and Hospitality
-All Retail


Credit/Debit Card Merchant Processing Services ($500 Guaranteed Lowest Rate)

Our International processing service offers a valuable alternative for business owners to save money on their credit card processing. Our one of a kind programs have been tailored to fit each businesses’ special needs, while delivering outstanding customer service, superior rates, and state-of-the-art technology. We have over 15 years of successful business-to-business experience. With our excellent support, our free equipment offer, and our $500 lowest rate guarantee, we offer both honesty and integrity. Our current client base consist of Starbucks, 7Eleven, BP, KFC, Honda, Dunkin Donuts, & Burger King and much more.

Free Equipment – We offer a large variety of equipment solutions for absolutely free.

Newest Technology – EMV and NFC equipment, tablets, mobile payments and more…

Security – We provide a fully compliant and secure network for our merchants.

Support – Outstanding customer service. 24/7 live support



*BREAKING NEWS: Cannabis Banking & Merchant Processing Services Available Now!
As you may know legal cannabis is one of the world’s fastest growing market sectors. Colorado has more dispensaries than McDonalds, Starbucks, and 7-Elevens combined and the number keeps growing. With that in mind, remember that 7 states JUST legalized marijuana after the last election. This means that there is a HUGE demand for new dispensaries, and with that comes a HUGE demand for credit card processing! They aren’t calling this the “green rush” for nothing!

Cannabis Banking & Merchant Processing Services Details:
• #1 Credit Card Processor for Dispensary, CBD, MJ, & MMJ in USA
• Preferred Processor of the National Hemp Association
• Visa / MasterCard Guidelines
• Processing for over 2 years with no issues or accounts closed.
• Conglomerate of 20+ Banks Nationwide
• No Limit on how much the Cannabis Business can Process
• Cannabis Business must process a min of 20k per month to qualify
• Store Fronts, Online Stores and Anything Cannabis will qualify
• ​Fees reduced every 90 days
• 24/7 Customer Service
• ​90%+ Approval Rates
• Debit/Credit Card Fraud Program Protection
• Services offered only in the USA

Direct message us or email to see if you qualify today.

Don’t Fight The IRS Alone

If you are in the cannabis industry, chances are you’ve been audited, know someone who has been audited, or know someone who is currently being audited by the IRS. Unfortunately, you file your return every year and hold your breath. While the general population of the United States shares roughly a 2% chance of review by the IRS, members of the Cannabis industry face upwards of almost a 14% chance of being audited. Perhaps you’ve already received an IRS notice – a CP letter, or a Notice of Deficiency on a filed return. What does it all mean? What can be done? Is there help?

It’s true, bad things happen to good people.

Our team of Cannabis Tax Experts have been in the industry for almost 20 years – we specialize in tax defense and tax controversy. We help people with all types of tax problems, including personal and business.

The cannabis industry is the most highly audited industry in the world.

  • Can’t Pay Your Back Taxes?
  • Behind in Your Tax Filings?
  • Interest and Penalties Piling Up?
  • IRS Freeze or Take Your Bank Account?
  • Currently Under Audit?
  • Payroll Tax Problems?
  • Wages Being Garnished?

Although most legal businesses in the cannabis industry are showing a great amount of gross revenue, the federal tax code retains most of its profit.

IRS section 280E prevents cannabis companies from deducting ordinary and necessary business expenses from their gross income, such as cost of labor, supplies, and other expenses.

The only allowable deductible expenses are Cost of Goods Sold or COGs, which are directly tied to purchase, transport, and storage of the plants.

Our approach to the IRS starts with the correct tax filings. However, if you do get audited by the IRS, our team of Attorneys, CPA’s, and Tax Relief Professionals can help you reduce back taxes penalties and interest.

Already facing a tax problem? You don’t want to fight the IRS alone. Our licensed professionals, CPA’s, attorneys and IRS Enrolled Agents settle more cases in a month than most other CPA’s and tax attorneys do in their entire working career.

Asset Based Loans
Up to $5,000,000.00
Fine Art
Precious Metals
Gems (cut or uncut)
Oil, Gas, and Mining resources with early stage infrastructure and/or production
High End Cars
Athlete Contracts
and more…
Closing time: Up to 7 days

We Work With Government Programs Too...

Many people don't know that they qualify for a Small Business Loan from the Government. You might be ONE of Them?

“GFT Wealth Management Systems”

Let one of our financial & business strategists help you reach your financial goals by using our exclusive Wealth Management System…


GFT Wealth Preservation & Asset Protection Systems

Reduce tax liabilities, private family banking & financing foundations, avoid death taxes & probate, and much more...

Protect Your Income, Assets, & Lower Tax Liabilities!

Private Family Banking (4% guaranteed annually)“, “Non Operating Private Family Foundations“, “Complex Trust(s) Systems“, “Debt Elimination Programs“, “Income & Asset Protection“, & More

GFT Wealth Preservation & Asset Protection Systems

Our exclusive financial team has over 80 years experience & knowledge in constitutional law and International business structuring that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business, protect their income, protect their assets, and avoid lawsuits & judgments internationally without any offshore structuring or bank accounts.

1) A Trust is a three party contract in which one can create a binding inviolate entity. The creator is able to specify the terms, provisions and who the other parties are..

2) Article 1 Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution states; In part no state shall pass any law impairing the obligation of contracts.

3) U.S. Adopted Common Law of England with the Constitution, Caldwell vs. Hill 178 SE 383, 193 The Supreme Court holds that “A trust relationship comes under the Real of Equity Justice based upon the Common Law, and it not subject to legislative restrictions as are corporations and other organizations created by legislative authority.” -Crocker vs MacCloy, 649 US Supp 39720.

4) The Trust organization consisting of a US Constitutional right of contract cannot be abridges. The agreement when executed becomes a federal organization and not under any of the laws passed by any of the several legislatures., – Crocker vs. MacClay 619 US sup 39 at 270.

5) A Business Trust may be organized to engage in any business in which individual or corporation may lawfully engage.” Wagner Oil and Gas Co. v. Marlo, 278 Pacific Reporter 294, 137 Oklahoma 116; Weber Engine Co. v. Alter, 245 Pacific Reporter 143, 120 Kansas 557; and 46 American Law Reports 158.

6) The records of the Trust are confidential and their books and records are NOT subject to review or subpoena. (smith V. Morse, 2 CA 524)

7) This is not a grantor type trust and you can be given authority to be assigned trustee for any number of trust or foundation.

8) Look at the 1041 tax form; it addresses income, deductions and tax / payments. It requires full income disclosure and deductions include donations, distributions and other expenses. This is not a 1040 tax form and all lawful expenses are deducted.

Benefits Complex Trusts & Non Operating Private Family Foundation:
-Preserve and Protect Assets
-Private Family Banking & Financing
-Cannabis Busineess, Banking, & Financing Solutions
-Enhance Assets and Income
-Reduce annual tax liabilities
-Reduce property taxes & capital gains
-Avoid probate & death taxes
-Avoid lawsuits & judgment losses
-Protect retirement savings
-Isolate assets from litigation and liens
-Insure personal privacy
-Create a legacy for future generations
-Provide a vehicle for the custody of children’s funds

More Income & Trust Laws:
-It becomes essential to distinguish between what is and what is not income. Congress may not by any definition it may adopt conclude the matter since it cannot by legislation alter the Constitution, from which alone it derived its powers to legislate, and within whose limitations alone, that power can be lawfully exercised. US Supreme Court Eisner v. Macomber, 252 US 189 (1920).

-This type of trust is also sometimes referred to as a “Common-Law Trust” because it finds its basis in the law of contracts and does not depend on any statute for existence. Schuman-Heink v. Folsom, 159 NE 250 (1927

-The income tax system is based on voluntary compliance, not distraint.” Flora v. United States, 362 US 145 US Supreme Court.

-A business Trust is a common law entity formed by contract, and thus, is not subject to the same types of state regulation as a corporation—Elliot v.Freeman, 220 US 178 and Right to Contract” cannot be abridged. The agreement, when executed, creates a Federal organization not under the laws passed by any of the several legislatures. Boyd v. U.S., 116 U.S. 251 U.S. 385 (1920). Amendment IV, U.S. Constitution.

SOI Tax Stats – Income from Estates and Trusts Statistics

Life Cycle of an Exempt Organization

*Account Guaranteed 4% Annually
*Convenience of making cash deposits
*Cannabis Business, Banking, & Financing Solutions
*Tax Exempt Deposits
*Tax Exempt Investments
*Debit & Check Cards Available
*Guaranteed Loan Approvals
*Non Loan Repayment Option
*Interest Compounded Annually
*Asset Protection

Make It, Save It, Grow It, Give It, Spend It, Invest It, Protect It… While it compounds annually at 4% GUARANTEED!

What is a Private Family Banking Foundation?: It’s a irrevocable, non-operating, grant writing, tax exempt organization under the 501(c)(3) status in contract form whereby the trustee controls without ownership, without personal liability, the management of foundation resources.

This structure receives donations tax exempt from any legal, generate tax exempt income, participate in investment opportunities, own equity in corporations/companies, and has property tax exemption from its ownership of real property, in most counties of the United State. Donations can be received in the form of currency, precious metals, annuity, stocks, bonds, as life insurance beneficiary, physical assets, and any entity can donate such as individuals, corps, companies, charities, non profits, foundations, trust and the federal government to name a few. The trustee selects the investment vehicle for the foundation which includes investing into trusts and other businesses without limitation. Income is received tax exempt and the foundation can own life insurance policies, portfolio accounts, trade accounts, and more. The foundation trustee can purchase up to 20% equity in a business not to be confused with investment ownership. Our specialist works with the IRS to issue your determination letter that provides tax exemption from income, donations, and real property in receipt by foundation in most counties in the USA. Entities donating receive a guaranteed income tax deduction.

Cannabis Business, Banking & Financing Solutions: The cannabis industry has had many successes with its medical use of their products as well as gaining legal business status in several of the states in this country. As a state recognized legal business entity there also federal rules designed to prohibit their growth while exalting the growth of other legally state recognized corporations and companies. In spite of this red tape, there are solutions that can provide the financial tools required to grow any business. Our company offers the complete financial solution.

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Career Opportunities

We can help there too...

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